Happy Holidays Update + Podcast Interview!

Update! It is the holidays, that is all.

Yeah that didn’t work on my little nephews and niece either. They don’t really speak English or anything language for that matter though.

Hey friends, I have been a little away from the blog for a while and I will be away for a little longer these next few weeks. This post is an update on what has happened the past few weeks.

It is Christmas Day and I hope everyone is opening presents, spending time with family, and just being happy. This year, my family is a little everywhere so we are not doing Christmas this year or any real holiday celebrations. It does suck that social media is badgering you with pictures of friends spending time with family while I am sitting at home playing League and writing blog posts about it.

Side note, I recently read Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. It is an awesome book and if you need a good pick me up, a strong laugh, or just feel a little less alone, I entirely recommend it. I actually read a post she made about the holidays and it helped cheer me up. Her blog is at http://thebloggess.com/furiously-happy/. I cannot find the exact post, but I think it is on her facebook page.

The past 2 weeks has been a flurry of wrapping things up at school for the holidays. I have had a full schedule of clinic and a few exams. They weren’t hard by any means but I still had to do them. If I didn’t, I mean, my imaginary dog that I really wish I had wouldn’t do them for me.

But, in the midst of all that, I had my first interview published about a week ago! You can find it here: http://www.madadventurers.com/delve-39-avalanche/. I will warn you I do talk a mile a minute and it is a bit hard to keep up with. I never have been interviewed for anything ever before, let alone someone wanting to know my 2 cents about board game design. Regardless, I gave them my full 5 scents about my game, why I made it, my inspiration, how the game works, and some other neat facts about my life. It was actually a really awesome experience, I just hoped next time I had prepared better. Side note #2, I prepared very little. I learned about Delve and heard a few of their podcasts but I did not write down anything to say about my game. I kind of missed a few key points that I would have liked to have included like you know what the game was really about… I danced around that idea for the whole 30 plus minutes I was on the skype chat.

We actually talked for about 3 hours, which ended around 1am which is way past my bed time. I mean I had class the next day! I am not coercing you to go and listen to it, but if you want to put a voice to these words, listen for about 5 minutes.

I am going to spend the next 2 or so weeks at home in Georgia doing some scholarship work, relaxing some more, and trying to recover from school and my first ever week in Vegas. I just came back from there my 1st time* with friends, we hit the clubs, casinos, desert, food, and strip. It was a ball. (* it was actually my 2nd time there but the first time was when I was a toddler so I did not remember it. Does it still count as my first time? If so, does being drunk and doing something make it exist? Someone will definitely not agree with that 2nd statement but the first one is about an innocent kid Tony!).

The Bellagio Fountains (not pictured, the fountains)

As for the next little while, I will be preparing for school again and my next upcoming convention, Boskone 2016. It is a Sci-Fi convention in Boston, MA where I will be demoing my game! The website is here: http://www.boskone.org/

Have a great holidays and a great new year! See you in 2016.



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